Why CelluSmooth is Unique:

The Right Wavelength

CelluSmooth utilizes the 1319 nm wavelength which is optimal to treat:

  • Fibrous bands beneath the dermis which create dimples and valleys.
  • Excess fat, forming bulging areas.
  • The thin uneven dermis overlying the fat layer.

With a penetration depth of 2-3 millimeters combined with high power, 1319 nm is the ideal choice.

The Power of M3 Technology

M3 is a proprietary technology from Sciton. It allows the delivery of 1319 nm in three distinct and unique modes with seamless transition.

  • Burst
  • Melt
  • Tighten*

M3’s proprietary delivery is the key to the success of the treatment.

*Through tissue coagulation.